How long does the Breast firming Procedure take?

It takes approximately 1 hour each time. It is recommended that you do between 4 and 8 treatments (half package or full package) depending on how quickly you achieve the results that you desire.

What can I expect from the treatments?

Your breasts should begin to firm as you go along, and many patients say their brassiere starts being filled out better or that they are feeling ‘perky’. You many notice slight reduction in size as it firms the breasts and reduces the sagging, so it is not for persons with smaller breasts who would like them larger. It may help even the sizes if one breast is a bit larger than the other.

Is it painful?

Not at all! It is very relaxing. There is no downtime, scarring or long term side effects from this procedure.

Is it safe?

As stated before it is used as a healing therapy in many countries, as it has even been shown to help the body’s immune system to improve enough to shrink small tumors according to initial studies on cancer! We do not however use it to treat cancer or even in known cancer patients until this becomes an approved treatment for cancer. This type of laser therapy is perhaps the safest type of laser worldwide and is used for healing a myriad of medical problems. In China, Japan etc. the areas that were being healed were also becoming firmer, youthful looking and more supple. An added benefit is a ‘detox’ of the areas treated.

We combine it with a form of micro-current therapy which is also very healing and restorative for the breasts, and which enables persons to achieve the same results in fewer treatments.

Are there any side effects?

Generally there are none.

How soon before I see results.

Most patients begin to see results by the fourth treatment. A few patients see results earlier and a few see them later in the package. Generally the results are gradual and you should complete the full package (8 sessions) for complete and lasting results. If you are very happy at the fourth or sixth, you may stop there. Maintenance sessions may be done when necessary.

How long do the results last after the treatment?

That depends on you. As with all things in life you will need to maintain your results by employing healthy habits. Wearing a supportive but not tight bra for most of the day may help maintain your results. Taking antioxidants like vitamin C and having a healthy organic diet may also help. People have been able to maintain their results for up to and beyond a year after completing a laser package. They then occasionally return for one or two touch up sessions to re-energize the tissues.

Are there any other benefits that I might notice after the treatment?

Some patients notice that there is improved sensitivity in the nipples (which sometimes is reduced after breastfeeding), also that the nipples become perky. They absolutely love it when their spouses notice the changes.