How does the laser work?

It works by improving the circulation in your face so that any heaviness or sagging can be improved. It also does a detox of the tissues of the face resulting in a healthy glow. If there are any scars on the face they will improve during the process and the immune system will improve in the treated area as well. Improved communication between your cells will result in improved skin tone.

How long does the Laser Procedure take?

Routine face lift – 30 minutes.

Under eye heaviness therapy takes approximately 24 minutes on it’s own and is usually done separately, although during the routine face lift it often improves heaviness under the eyes to some extent.

How many treatments will I have to do?

The complete package is of 8 treatments for lasting results, you will also receive a product for maintenance of your results based on your special needs (i.e. tailored for you).

There is a special type of laser treatment that may help you to look great for a special occasion which is done once, but the results will not be as lasting as if you did the package of 8.

How often will I have to do them?

We recommend twice weekly for a month (so you will see your new improved self in one month), however if your schedule only allows once weekly treatment we can do it that way also over 2 months.

Is it painful?

Not at all! Very relaxing.

Will it leave scars?

Not at all, in fact there is no downtime and you can go right back to work afterwards.

How long before I see results?

For your face lift package initial results are very subtle but you will see increasing results as you go along in your package of 8. By your 4th treatment you should have started to see a difference.

Is it safe?

Very. It is actually used as a healing therapy, as it has been shown to shrink small tumors according to initial studies on cancer! We do not however use it to treat cancer or even in known cancer patients until this becomes an approved treatment for cancer. This type of laser therapy is perhaps the safest type of laser worldwide and is used for healing a myriad of medical problems. For your purposes we will be using it to lift, tone and enhance the natural beauty of your face.

Are there any side effects?

Most people have none. In fact it is so gentle you may initially wonder if the machine is really switched on until you start to see results in about a week to two weeks.

What should I expect after the first treatment?

It is important for your expectations to be realistic. Start looking for results after two weeks but you may be pleasantly surprised to see them sooner.

What can I do to maximize my results?

If you smoke it may be a good idea to quit now. Certain products may be recommended for you to help enhance or maximize your results. It is important to keep your skin moisturized with an appropriate face lotion.

How long do the results last after laser therapy?

That depends on you. As with all things in life you will need to maintain your results by employing healthy habits. Proper diet, exercise and the antioxidant vitamins may help. People have been able to maintain their results for several months to years laser treatments with the proper habits and maintenance products.

Are there any other benefits that I might notice after laser therapy?

Some patients not sinusitis and any facial scars present improve. Acne may also improve.