Congratulations on choosing to take the time to try our laser body sculpting therapy. The lasers used at DermaKare are different from any lasers you’ve probably ever heard of. They will not hear or damage your skin or put you at risk for any disease. In fact it is still being used in some countries to help the body to heal itself though detoxing, renewing and improving circulation in the treated areas. Our lasers are 100% painless and healing for your body. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How long does the Laser Procedure take?

Double chin – 12 minutes

Tummy/love handles/breast lift – 30 minutes

Legs & buttocks/arm slimming – 40 minutes

Is it painful?

Not at all! Very relaxing.

How long before results?

Anytime between 25 minutes to 24 hours.

Is it safe?

As stated before it is used as a healing therapy in many countries, as it has been shown to shrink small tumors according to initial studies on cancer! We do not however use it to treat cancer or even in known cancer patients until this becomes an approved treatment for cancer. This type of laser therapy is perhaps the safest type of laser worldwide and is used for healing a myriad of medical problems. In China, Japan etc. the areas that were being healed were also becoming firmer, youthful looking and more toned. For our purposes we will be using it to slim and sculpt your body. An added benefit is a ‘detox’ of the areas treated.

Are there any side effects?

Most people have none, while a few have felt like they just came from the gym.

What should I expect after the first treatment?

It is important for your expectations to be realistic. Most patients lose between half an inches to one and a half inches the first day of treatment. Some patients lose more. A few patients don’t lose any inches during the first few hours and a rare few (less than 5%) don’t lose any inches at all from the first treatment. For those we recommend treating the legs first as this helps to optimize results.

What can I do to maximize my results?

You can ensure that your diet is supportive of your goal to lose weight. Having a low salt, low sugar, high fiber diet helps, during the month of your package you have the opportunity to get into the habit of having more healthy eating habits. Generally once patients see their results they find they are motivated to eat healthier and even to start exercising. If you are slimming your tummy, it has been recommended (though not necessary) that for the very best results that you treat the legs prior to doing so.

How soon before I see results?

Generally the results are gradual and you should complete the full package (usually 8 sessions) for complete and lasting results.

Does laser ever not work?

A few patients don’t see changes until about their third or fourth treatment. Usually these patients have other medical problems, are on certain medications that slow their results. Or have unknown reasons why it doesn’t work as rapidly for them. Our laser nurse or our doctor will tell you the likelihood of getting a response quickly from examination of your affected area based on our experience having done thousands of laser treatments.

How long do the results last after laser therapy?

That depends on you. As with all things in life you will need to maintain your results by employing healthy habits. Although the laser may tone ans slim you significantly it should not be a replacement for proper diet and exercise. People have been able to maintain their results for several months (over 9 months after a single laser treatment with the proper habits.

Are there any other benefits that I might notice after laser therapy?

Some patients note that at times of the month when they usually get bloated, they do not get as bloated after laser therapy. Individuals with constipation note improvements, stretch marks and scars often improve in treated areas. Menstrual cramping may also improve.