We are proud to say we are pioneers in introducing to Jamaica a comprehensive spectrum of non-invasive body and skin make-over services. Our dermatology practice offers cutting-edge body sculpting and up-to-date techniques to clear up those nagging skin problems, all performed from head to toe without plastic surgery.

There is no liposuction involved in our body slimming services. If your weight loss programme is not working, our targetted body fat reduction allows you to lose weight fast where you need it most, including bulging belly fat and unsightly cellulite. Imagine getting a breast lift without surgery. In fact, an overall toned supple body can be yours without the need for hospitalization.

Skin problems getting you down? Banish them. Reduce scars and stretch marks, fade away age spots and facial lines. Get the latest acne treatment available and feel comfortable again in your own skin that is smooth to the touch. Our revolutionary skin improvement techniques will give you back your youthful radiance and confidence.

Why Choose Derma Kare?

Our first priority is your health and well-being.

Worldwide, non-invasive procedures of all types are fast becoming the method of choice as patients’ needs have shifted. For many conditions, it is proven that less invasive and targetted procedures can achieve the same results as conventional surgery.

Choosing surgery usually means extremely high costs, increased probability for medical risks and complications, pain, lengthy recovery time and the possibility of scarring. With non-surgical options the opposite is the case. It is far less costly, virtually risk-free and pain-free. There is very little downtime for recovery and no scarred tissue. These are important factors that should not be overlooked if you are seriously considering corrective work.

You can trust us because all non-surgical procedures for a beautiful face or beautiful body are performed under the strict medical supervision of a dermatologist, Dr. Arlene Rose and a team of qualified nurses. They are conducted in a safe, clinical environment and we use only the best medical grade products which have been certified for their safety. You can also trust us to tell you which treatment, or combination of treatments, is best suited for you while taking your objectives into consideration.

Be transformed today. Change is just a click or call away.