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About Us

Derma Kare Skin & Body Centre specializes in General and aesthetic dermatology and medical weight loss procedures.  Under the guidance of  Dr. Arlene Rose., the Centre is devoted to restoring your confidence by addressing those issues that limit your ability to be free, to wear what you want, and to be who you are. We are also dedicated to doing this using the safest, most natural methods we could find, and now after much research, most of our treatments will not only improve appearance non surgically but also improve your health.

As a graduate of the University of the West Indies Medical Faculty, Dr. Rose went on to achieve a Masters with Distinction in Dermatology at the renowned University of Wales College of Medicine. She completed further studies in the United States and Europe in the field of Aesthetic medicine and Laser Therapy, and continuously receives training in her field.

Through her vision, the practice has evolved from purely medical offerings to the most natural approach to cosmetic procedures we could offer while still being a medical facility. This is evident in our choice of technology for rejuvenating and restoring beauty and health.

An example of this is in one of our face lifting methods, which gently stimulates acupuncture points on the face with light only, resulting in an overall enhancement in your health as well as the face lifting effect. We offer body-sculpting, medical weight loss for flat stomachs, back arms, waist and thigh areas as well as dermatology with a more natural approach.

We are most known for our success in helping persons to achieve a flat “stomach’ , although we very successful with treat even the hard to treat conditions like stretch marks, under-eye puffiness, drooping neck, wrinkled tummies, dark spots on the legs, melasma, hair loss, back and inner thigh fat, hanging belly fat in the lower tummy,  etc.

We also are proud of our ‘body health tune-up”, which is a European  Body Scan Analysis system which is a drug-free health improvement technology for finding and correcting problems like toxicities, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, hormone problems as well as potential problems with the body’s immune system. Once you own a body this is not to be missed.

Dr. Rose dedicates her life to continually finding the safest treatments from anywhere on the globe and making them available to her patients. “Only by seeking shall you find” is her motto. Along with this motto, she has a simple pledge.  It is that she will never promote or recommend any product or procedure which she herself would not use.

We look forward to helping you to safely achieve your most confidence you.