Derma Kare Skin & Body Centre specializes in Cosmetic Surgery and laser procedures.  Under the guidance of  Dr. Arlene Rose, MB BS, dip. Derm., Msc., the Centre caters to the entire family and its range of services includes comprehensive treatments for all types of diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

As a graduate of the University of the West Indies Medical Faculty, Dr. Rose went on to achieve a Masters with Distinction in Dermatology at the renowned University of Wales College of Medicine. She completed further studies in the United States and Europe in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Therapy, and continuously receives training in her field.

Through her vision, the practice has evolved from only offering the traditional dermatological services, into what it is today – a centre for total restorative health.  Dr. Rose saw the need for women, in particular, to finally have solutions for conditions for which treatment was unavailable. By widening her scope, she not only gives hope to those afflicted with difficult conditions such as stretch marks, cellulite and stubborn belly fat, but these options are non-invasive, cost effective, quick and painless.

She also incorporates a European Health Scan Body Analysis which is a highly revolutionary method of identifying and correcting problems including, but not limited to, toxicities, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies as well as potential problems with the body’s immune system. The technology is also used in the treatment of certain addictions such as smoking and food cravings, hormonal and nutritional problems.

We have 4 lasers at Derma Kare, and they are painless and scarless with no downtime.  They are also used in other parts of the world to help the body to heal itself, so your body will also experience healing benefits as our lasers scupt you.  You may even notice that swellings, menstrual cramps or even bowel conditions improve with their uses.  Each laser is specifically selected based on what we need to do for you.

Dr. Rose dedicates her life to finding treatments from anywhere on the globe and making them available to her patients. “Only by seeking shall you find” is her motto. Along with this motto, she has a simple pledge.  It is that she will never promote or recommend any product or procedure which she herself would not use.

Her accomplishments include the fact that she is also an artist and has had three art exhibitions to date. She believes that this is an asset in her field as the combination of Art and Science makes it easy to achieve excellence in Cosmetic Surgery.

She is a member of the following organizations:

  • Dermatology Association of Jamaica
  • Medical Association of Jamaica
  • Caribbean Dermatology Association
  • International Society of Cosmetogynecology