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Angie’s Story


All through her life she had a double chin, and as she got older, fat continued to collect right under her chin.

One day it just became too much.



Then one day she decided to let Dermakare help her.

It took us just 15 minutes to do her session and it was comfortable because no needles or knives were used
so there were no scars….Also No Radio frequency was used in her session so she doesn’t have to worry about
long term negative effects of that either.

It was so much easier than she thought it would be and so much cheaper.

So how much do you think something like this would cost?

Maybe $300,000 in a surgeons office….but you may end up with a scar, or even lipo-grooves and unevenness.
That’s not what she did at all and she spent a small fraction of the cost.

Wanna see how Angie did?


Here were her results in under 3 weeks.



Truly we knew Angie was attractive, what we didn’t know was just how beautiful she could look without
the double chin.

She was so thrilled, her family members couldn’t stop talking about how great she looked.
Within a week her double chin started to go down almost as if it were melting away like ice.
There was excellent tightening of the skin so nothing was left hanging.

An added bonus was that her entire face looked younger too, as though her face too got a detox in the

If you have a troublesome confidence-stealing double chin, or stubborn fat anywhere that’s not responding,
it may be easier than you think to get rid of it.



Its just a click away.          CLICK HERE! 



I’m sure you want to find out by now what she did… pop into Dermakare at the Winchester Business Center or call us and we’ll show you.

Dermakare has been doing this for a very long time and our two biggest concerns are :

1.Safety first, and
2. Obvious results for everyone who entrusts us with their care…



In fact, we want our patients to gain so much confidence that they step out boldly into the world with no limitations.

We have studied, designed and tweaked the best methods for almost every trouble spot where fat can be.

Now we know that not everyone will have exactly the same exact results depending on how much fat is there,
but really, you’ve got nothing to lose, because practically everyone gets results. We also teach you how to eat to maintain your results.
Once you walk through our doors we are dedicated…determined, for YOU to be fabulous…

Because if you look good, so do we.

Now for a fraction of that cost you can finally be rid of whatever trouble spots you have. We have 3 proven methods to rid you of unwanted fat from trouble spots…

Have a peek at another of our patients. She’s actually a member of our team and we decided to give her the Christmas gift of NEW arms. Another lifelong dream fulfilled!



This was her just 2 weeks later. She used to call these these her ‘wings’. Shes now so happy to be entering 2020 without them. This procedure also took 15 minutes with no side effects, and she’s still improving every day. In fact, this method has tons of additional beneficial effects for the body.

What can you achieve in 15 minutes?

For a fraction of the cost of surgery we can do this for you. Want to do a FREE ONLINE CONSULTAION with us click here or call us at 876-908-4945.

If you take our FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION our doctor reviews your file and if everything is good we will call you back within 2 days to arrange everything.

Thanks for checking us out. You can see more of what we do on our website at www.mydermakare.com.

Here’s that link to our FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION again.


We cant wait to meet you and help you to achieve your dreams without fear of wasting your money, or having negative long term effects.
We hope to see you soon so you too can take on the world letting nothing hold you back!!!