Stubborn Health Issues/Prevention & Treatment

Tired all the time

adrenal fatigue

Nowadays the world can feel like a freight train rushing along barely giving us time to catch a breath. Everything has changed around us and many are noticing a sharp decline in energy. Interestingly, doctors rarely have answers for this, especially when they do blood tests and nothing much shows up. You can literally feel in your body the sharp drop off that is worse at certain times of the day, but if your doctor can't even say what caused it, what on earth can you do about it? How can you make your energy come back?

There is hope at Dermakare, because we have a Head to Toe scan that can give us so many clues about things like worn out glands, toxins, unbalanced hormones, nutrient deficiencies, hidden infections (such as mold, bacteria or parasites etc) and so much more, and the best thing is, we can use the same scientific technology used by NASA to rebuild health in astronauts who have been depleted by space travel, to help your body to repair itself too.

Yes, this is right here in Jamaica and we have been doing it for several years now. We have taken people who can barely get up on the exam bed and had them hop off sometimes even after the first treatment, and some who had to be lifted up the stairs walk themselves down after the treatments. Every single member of our team and many of our family members have used this technology to restore health and energy.

You will certainly not regret this and chances are, after your results are achieved, you will bring your loved ones who need a breakthrough in their own health too.

When you do the initial scan you will get a report on the major findings, and a list of lifestyle guidance so that you can support the healing process. We often recommend 4 treatment sessions to correct the issues found, unless you are very ill, in which case you may need up to 8 sessions. At the 4th session we check your improvement in a quick rescan. This is all while you relax, and you won't have to go into a chamber or huge machine either, so it's fine for claustrophobics. You get to relax or nap while we do the work. Also it's safe enough for a child or even the older and more frail among us.

Many patients also book a Holistic Consultation with our lead doctor to go into more details and to find out ways to either speed up their results or make them as lasting as can be, or if they require more in depth information regarding medications, supplements, lifestyle etc. Our doctor reviews the reports, and in some cases either she herself, or our nurse may recommend a consultation based on the results found. If you have been stubbornly ill for a long time, it is a very good idea to book this.

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