Stubborn Health Issues/Prevention & Treatment

Anxiety, Depression and Memory Loss (incl. early dementia)

anxiety and depression

Lifestyle, diet modifications and PEMF can help you go a long way towards better brain health.

Benefits to our patients:

  • Easy.
  • Relaxing and comfortable
  • Usually quick results.
  • Drug- free
  • Safe
  • non invasive

Although we correct brain waves and find and address the physical root causes, there are times when a continued stressor is present in a persons life, and until that is addressed it may continue to unbalance the brain. We partner with you to manage the physical aspects as our treatments can work along with whatever other therapies you are doing to enhance results and quality of life.

How it works:

Anxiety, depression and memory loss are conditions in which many factors can be involved, including hormone imbalances, diet and lifestyle factors, gut dysfunction, poor communication between the 2 hemispheres of the brain, stress and even past traumas, (physical and mental).
To figure out how to correct these issues can be very daunting. In many cases doctors give medication to assist in neurotransmitter balance, and nervous system stabilization.Recently scientists have discovered that PEMFs (Pulsed electro-magnetic fields) heal the body, and more interestingly, the brain, and they also balance brain waves non-invasively and comfortably.

Because there is usually another physical imbalance in the body elsewhere that is feeding back to the brain disrupting the electrical impulses in the brain, we are able to also find wherever in the body that is, and correct it at the same time using our technology.
We combine our treatments with lifestyle guidance to give you the best chance for lasting results afterwards.

What to expect during treatment?

An open ended neck applicator will be placed around your neck and you will be reclining comfortably on an examination bed. Other applicators may be placed on different parts of your body. You will feel very relaxed during the treatment and many patients even fall asleep. When the treatment is over you may return to your normal activities until your next treatment. You will be advised to drink a little extra water following each treatment. You will be advised of the number of treatments expected to be required, usually not more than 10.

We have seen significant results at times with as few as 3 treatments and even had a case where a single 5 minute treatment sample significantly improved the memory of a woman with Alzheimer's.

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