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Gas Bloating, Indigestion, Pain

gas bloating

Do you suffer from Gas bloating, burning or feeling like your food is not digesting, despite doing everything right and taking all the prescribed medication. You may need some extra help. We use a treatment called Far infrared sauna therapy that is very relaxing and detoxifying. It works by reducing Inflammation and supporting your normal healthy bacteria, while reducing unfriendly pathogens. It also is one of the few treatments that can increase the body’s nitric oxide levels for better health. It's great for gastritis, GERD, leaky gut, along with all the brain fog and inflammation that comes along with those things.

It is superb in assisting the cardiovascular system and also has an Immune boosting effect. It has been used in other parts of the world to be supportive in cancer treatment. We are happy to offer it in Jamaica as it is often the solution to many of our patients' problems.

It has helped so many people in Jamaica with post surgical complications such as scarring (adhesions) in the pelvis ,also leaky gut, anxiety, autonomic nerve dysfunction,GERD, Hiatus hernia, cardiovascular problems, IBS, chest complaints, endometriosis, insomnia, low immunity, arthritis, bladder problems and much much more..

Some patients need a more comprehensive look to find out some of the hidden root causes, and how much of the other parts of the body are affected by digestive issues. These may include nerves, joints and the blood system. If you'd like information about how it is affecting your body, deficiencies etc, whether parasites, bacteria or yeasts are at play, then we recommend a biofeedback or Body Scan with treatments of each area of inflammation found in order of priority.

So which one should you do, if you choose the Far infrared, your whole body balances itself at the same time, with the Biofeedback treatments, you get the information about what needs treating and its treated in order of what your body’s priorities are.
Both treatments are done once or twice weekly for 4-8 treatments.

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