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Heel Spurs

heel spur

This foot issue can cause severe pain with every step. Medical treatment includes painful injections into the foot and steroids.
When you injure the soft tissues of your foot and develop plantar fasciitis, the body may respond by depositing calcium onto the surface of the bone. The resulting bony outgrowth, called heel spurs, don’t always cause pain, but when they do it may feel like a jabbing, stabbing sensation whenever you get up and walk around.

Heel spurs are closely linked to plantar fasciitis. In this common form of heel pain, the band of tough tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot stretches and tears near where it connects with the heel bone.Athletes, people who work on their feet, and those who lead active lifestyles are especially likely to develop chronic heel pain and, ultimately, heel spurs as well. Badly fitting shoes, obesity, gait abnormalities, and flat feet are also risk factors.

We have found a medical breakthrough.

We have discovered a very unique treatment done frequently in certain parts of the world, which involves injecting saline into a specific point on the face that is still connected (as babies in the womb develop) to the heel. We do a one time treatment there and the pain immediately goes away within 2 minutes and does not return in almost all patients. We have literally seen patients go from limping to dancing ending their heel spur pain right here in Jamaica, and we have seen it over and over again. No steroid shots, no physio required, just our 2 minute treatment. The only time we’ve seen it return was in a patient who took a flight and walked for miles in an airport days after the treatment. One further treatment ended it for good.

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