Stubborn Health Issues/Prevention & Treatment

Smoking Addiction & Addictions To Medications/Sugar


Addictions can be a hard thing to overcome, so that's why we are making this addiction treatment available for Jamaicans. Our method is a drug free method of harmonizing brain waves using Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy . It also removes toxins from the body that are there because of the addiction. We are able to assist with sugar addictions, alcohol addictions as well as addictions to medications etc, however our only limitation is that our patient must be ready and willing to quit. Someone else's resolve and willpower will not be enough. We balance the craving center of the brain, taking away the desire, and assisting the body to heal, but the patient must be willing to plan other things to occupy the time when they would be usually engaging the addiction, or change some of the circumstances that led to it or the habit could return.

We have had some of our sugar addiction patients tell us they couldn't believe it when they drove past the ice cream shop without stopping the car as they usually did after a hard day. This is one of the easier addictions to treat.

We have also had smokers tell us they realized they didn't crave cigarettes anymore and were able to drop their number of cigarettes within days. Our promise is that we can help a lot, but you’d have to do the rest. Some even said they found them distasteful, but again whichever stressor in your life caused the addiction would need to be addressed.

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