Our Methods & Treatments


This treatment is great for those tiny black dots and skin tags that love to hang around on the face and neck… Yup, the same ones seen on one of our favourite actors, Morgan Freeman. Though we have become accustomed to seeing them on him, most of us Jamaicans don't enjoy seeing them on our own bodies. Sometimes they even hold hands and make larger stuck on wart-like lesions on the chest and back, or grow out like skin tags under armpits or even other places... Now we can zap them off for you. Don’t worry, we use numbing cream to make it more comfortable.

And guess what, don’t tell anyone, but we have found a way to help prevent new ones from coming back, but we’ll let you in on that secret when you come. That way, you can achieve really lasting results and not have to zap every 5-7 years like most people.

If you may be allergic to numbing creams or medicines please let us know.

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