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Fibroblast Therapy

For the stomach

Stretch marks do very well when we combine products, peels and microneedling, especially if they are severe.

Fibroblast procedure is widely known for tightening loose stomach skin after stretch marks and pregnancy or arm skin tightening. Fibroblast stomach skin tightening has increased in popularity due to the many benefits over conventional surgery. There is less or no downtime, it’s super affordable, no cutting of your skin, and no stitches and best of all, no missed work. The pen-like device works by using the spark between the skin and its tip to create a spot on the skin that heals by shrinking and tightening the area. Continued tightening occurs as tiny micro-scabs lift off to reveal smooth skin with new collagen.

The stomach tissue tightening and retraction produces results that are almost similar to invasive cosmetic surgery. Fibroblast treatment for the stomach is the only non-invasive procedure to reduce loose skin successfully and instantly. The results are very satisfying among our patients. Our dermatologist is invaluable here in managing ethnic skin types to prevent and manage the process for the best cosmetic effect.

For the face

This procedure is also great for tightening the skin around the eyes, however there is about a week of potential ‘hide-out time’ to allow everything to heal and the tiny dark scab-like attachments to roll off so that you can be road ready again.

Feel free to book a dermatology consultation to discuss if this is best for you.

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