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Near Infrared Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy)

We have different strengths of this kind of laser based on the area of the body we use it on and how deeply in the body healing and regeneration is needed. Near infrared therapy (as Low level laser therapy) is used to lift the face as part of our rejuvenation face lift. It is also used to regrow hair in persons with hair loss from ‘sew-ins’, braids and ‘glue-ins’ gone wrong through its regenerative effect. As it treats the skin it also can help with deeper issues like chronic sinusitis. It's great for tightening the skin as it heals and detoxes the underlying tissues.

This is very very effective in preventing severe menstrual cramps. Many Jamaican patients say they simply cannot believe they have no pain during their next period after doing this. That is music to our ears.

Used in painful or otherwise problematic areas, other health issues such as spinal issues melt away with our near infrared therapy along with many other chronic conditions, including disc herniations and spinal stenosis. Right now we are in an office that is upstairs though , so unfortunately we cannot accommodate persons who are unable to get up the stairs at this time. We are planning a workaround, but unfortunately it is not available at this time.


  • Regeneration and antiaging any tissue
  • Slimming and sculpting
  • Chronic back pain.
  • Cellulite smoothing
  • Loose skin tightening
  • Preventing Menstrual pain
  • Improving fertility (Ovarian. Fall tube, scarring, implantation improved***)

***We don't currently run a Jamaican natural infertility clinic, but we have had many anecdotal reports of improved fertility among our patients with this and a few others of our therapies. Quite a few patients became pregnant after and in a few cases during these treatments, which also tightens loose skin on the tummy by improving mitochondrial function (the energy in the cells available for repair). A protocol used in a study from Denmark(1) involved 3 near infrared light therapy sessions per week, with the light being directly applied to the abdomen. If the woman did not conceive during the current menstrual cycle, treatments continued into the next. Out of a sample of 400 previously infertile women, a whopping 260 of them were able to conceive following near infrared light treatments. This therapy is quite popular in Japan.
1.PhotoBioModulation for Infertility. EC Gynaecology 8.9. 2019

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