This treatment is pure gold.  Help your body heal itself from head to toe. Drug-free.

We have discovered the wonders of a unique therapy – the Ondamed Body Scan.  This is a European Health Scan Body Analysis technology which can detect the area of your body that most needs your attention at the time of the scan while guiding us with ways to correct the problems. This, without the use of drugs. By using this revolutionary approach, all energy blockages in the body can be detected and reversed

This is a patient favourite. The scan can tell us:

  • Where in your body has excess inflammation, scar tissue and infections
  • Which micro-organisms, germs or parasites are overwhelming your immune system and kill them on the spot
  • Which nutrients are most deficient in your body and help your body to absorb them better

The scan re-balances major organ systems for better overall health and helps prevent serious illness later. It also can identify other general lifestyle problems that you may or may not be aware of that are affecting your health.