Haven’t been recognizing yourself lately? Laugh lines don’t seem so funny anymore?  Getting older doesn’t mean you have to look old.  Re-claim the toned facial appearance that you used to know and still want. Here are three safe and effective non-surgical options to consider.  And remember, this is not vanity, its maintenance.

Laser Face lift

It’s fast, it’s painless, with little or no downtime. It takes about 25 minutes and feels like a spa treatment even though it’s not. Set a lunchtime appointment and then go straight back to work. This is perfect if you are a busy professional who wants to recover some of the ‘youthful vibrancy’ you used to have, or just to ensure you doesn’t let yourself go.  For lasting results, 4 to 8 treatments are needed.

Interactive “Face Lift

This is one of our latest innovations that uses a combination of healing energies which are directed to the face but which also balances the body at the same time. In one of the methods, you get to personally use a ‘wand’ to treat those wrinkles or sagging areas and you can literally watch them melt away before your very eyes. This is a really fun one, but it takes an hour and a half. It’s not for the busy person who doesn’t have much time, but it ideal for persons who want a deeply detoxifying and healing experience for the body while they transform their faces to the most amazingly glowing, vibrant version of themselves.  This is really beauty from the inside out. We are always blown away by the results we see with this method….Always!


These are injectables (we use Juvederm, Restylane or others based on your needs) that can transform your appearance in 30-40 minutes. Most of our patients shed about 10 years by the time they sit up and look in the mirror. The immediate changes are always a great confidence booster.   Our dermatologist is also an artist, so we have the perfect combination of medicine and artistry because she understands the true meaning of symmetry and beauty. The fillers we use last for up to or beyond a year and stimulate your own collagen production to help retard further aging in that area. The finished product also looks very natural. Side effects are minimal and few .

Allow us help you fall in love with yourself all over again. Rest assured. You will look like yourself, only much much younger and refreshed!


Because Derma Kare is first and foremost a physician-based practice, medical consultations are a first priority before any of these procedures are done. Everyone is treated on an individual basis.

When assessing candidates for facelifts, we first consider a number of factors. For example, some patients have a glow, but are neither lifted nor toned. Others may have some sagging in the jaw line area; or deep “parentheses” (laugh lines) between the nose and mouth, or something as simple as a number “11” between the eyebrows which may be a characteristic of frowning. Some have skin which is neither glowing nor smooth and display those pesky under eye bags. Whatever the case may be, we address each person’s needs and choose the best and fastest method which is also tailored to your budget.

It is true what they say:  Transform your face…transform your life!