If you’ve worked long and hard at exercising to shed your belly fat, or fatty overhang at the hips, waist,  back, arms or thighs and all you have to show for it is fatigue and disappointment, you can  finally take control of those specific problem bulges.  Yes, you can melt away stubborn pockets of fat and in as little as two weeks, the new you will begin to emerge.

Derma Kare has a safe, affordable three-step, non-surgical approach that can be applied to resistant belly fat or any other localized area where unwanted fat has settled.


STEP 1: Melt the fat away with Mesotherapy and Re-shape Yourself

This is an innovative treatment that targets resistant trouble spots.  Mesotherapy simply melts the fat away by injecting a harmless solution (choline) directly at the site to shrink the globules of fat.  The solution acts as as an agent to metabolize the fat and the procedure is relatively pain-free. The duration and the number of the treatments needed depend on the amount of fat.  Sessions can vary between 15 minutes to half an hour and although the treated area may be a bit swollen and tender for approximately 3 days, most clients are back at work the same day after a procedure. Here’s one fantastic bonus effect!  Mesotherapy helps in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol.


STEP 2: Sculpt & Tone

After losing the fat, laser sculpting is often recommended to help re-define the area. It is recommended for those prone to loose skin after fat loss. The procedure works to improve circulation and is quick, painless and, most of all, relaxing. The end result? A beautiful, well-defined toned body  As an added benefit, it also detoxes at the same time.


STEP 3: Maintenance Plan

Good results must be maintained.  This is important because a lot of what we learnt to be healthy is not so anymore.  For example, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is healthy – but we should never cook with it.  Also, wheat disrupts the digestive process in a few blood types and causes serious problems for those persons. We teach you how to eat for continued success and our patients do tend to main their results for years.  Following treatments, clients are put on a diet which increases metabolism to promote fat burning. The diet is designed to re-train you how to eat…not to count calories, so it is easy to follow.


Because Derma Kare is first and foremost a physician-based practice, medical consultations, including blood tests, are a first priority before any of these procedures are done. A full medical history is taken and a physical examination carried out as not everyone is a good candidate for these treatments.  It is not recommended for grossly overweight persons nor is it to be used  to achieve drastic weight reduction.  Everyone is treated on an individual basis.  For example, in the case of stubborn belly fat, we first have to find out if there are any hormonal imbalances that are causing the fat to settle in that area.  We also look at factors such as your metabolism to find out why it may have become sluggish.  As you know, a big tummy is not always caused by fat you can grab. There  is also skin, muscle and fat around your internal organs, matter retained in the bowels and, of course, poor posture, all of which can play a part in a bulging belly.

Fat on the back is a problem for many women, as it can create unflattering bulges in clothing and shatter a woman’s confidence, not to mention spoiling any curves that were there before. Our methods can bring back the curves and the confidence, while improving your health at the same time.