Anyone who has been affected by cellulite will agree that this type of dimpling is certainly not cute.

Cellulite  has been described as that ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange peel’ dimpled appearance that seems to just appear on the legs and buttocks, abdomen or arms of many women. Cellulite treatment has been creating quite a stir at Derma Kare, where, daily, many women  are looking at themselves in a different light and realizing that they can wear the clothes they thought they would never be able to wear.

We use gentle, painless fast-acting lasers to make the legs silky smooth and lump-free. We also employ Mesotherapy  to work along with the laser treatment for those larger or stubborn rows or pouches of fat, leaving an overall beautiful, supple appearance as we reshape and smooth your legs. Results are easy to achieve but you will also have to follow our maintenance plan to remain cellulite free.