Unsightly appearance of dark spots and discolorations anywhere on your skin does not have to be permanent.


Melasma is an annoying patchy brown, discoloration, seen  mostly on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and chin. Sun exposure, pregnancy, hormone therapy and facial irritation from waxing seem to contribute to it. Many persons with melasma quickly see their doctors and end up with a prescription for one bleaching cream or another. But to their horror, one more day in the sun and the melasma is right back where it started. Frustration is invariably the result for so many women who battle this common condition for years, even decades.

At Derma Kare, we incorporate innovative methods that address not only the pigmentation but the possible causes as well.

Dark Spots

Stubborn dark spots can be found anywhere on the skin  and can be due to insect bites, injuries, eczema and other causes.  Not only can they limit clothing choices if they are on areas which are generally exposed, dark skin spots can be a major source of embarrassment.

At Derma Kare, we understand how you feel about these skin discolorations, and we have found several innovative solutions that actually help to give a much more lasting result for many patients. These include several innovative techniques such collagen induction therapy, negative ion therapy, injections and laser therapy.

Whatever the reason for the spots,we tailor your therapy to suit the affected area as well as your skin type and guide you to the best course of treatment for you.  Then, when its gone, we teach you how to maintain your results so that you can really love the way you look again and keep loving it for a very long time.

Now you know.  There is absolutely no reason not to have the clean, beautiful skin you deserve.