Stretch marks can occur from as early as puberty and heredity may play a role, but the commonest causes of stretch marks are rapid weight gain due to pregnancy or body building and more recently the use of certain bleaching creams.

Paradoxically, when weight is lost after a period of rapid weight gain, stretch marks may sometimes become even more obvious.

Stretch marks appear because rapid stretching of the skin causes small separations of the deeper layers of the skin. This results in defects in these areas which the body tries to fill with collagen, causing either sunken or raised ‘scars’ known as stretch marks.

At Derma Kare, we use 4 proven methods for clearing stretch marks:

  1. Topical Applications
    • We have customized products for the particular type and location of your stretch marks. The appropriate selection is made during consultation with our dermatologist. These are stronger than most products on the market and you will need to be monitored while using them.


       2. Laser therapy

  • This involves the use of our healing laser which does not heat or damage the skin in any way. There is no risk of burning, no down time, and most importantly, no pain. Most people notice a progressive reduction in the stretch marks with each treatment.


  1. Collagen Induction Therapy
    • This therapy involves the use of tiny micro-needles which increase the delivery of stretch mark melting products.  These needles can go as far the stretch mark extends, so they really get to the root of the problem.



Because Derma Kare is first and foremost a physician-based practice, medical consultations are a first priority before any of these procedures are done. Everyone is treated on an individual basis. For example, lasers will only improve some types of stretch marks, so at consultation you will be told whether or not this option would be ideal for you.

At the end of the consultation, you can be confident that we will devise the best option to suit your needs.