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Patient Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (Health Scan and Bio-Feedback)

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the electromagnetic therapy. However, after doing it and being assessed, I was blown away by the accurate findings. I would recommend it to any and everyone.

T.R. (Kingston, Jamaica)


For thirteen years I struggled with the fact that my body had forever transformed because of a c-section. I stopped doing a lot of outdoor activities which required me to wear swim wear or revealing clothes because I hated the overhang of my tummy. I couldn’t even see my “little friend” anymore. I was introduced to Derma Kare mesotherapy and laser treatment and five weeks after, I was back in my two piece swim suit. I can see my “little friend” again. I am loving me all over again. I am more confident and much more open to meeting others. Over hanging tummies are a thing of the past. Just visit Derma Kare.

S.L. (Jamaica)

Tummy and back fat went down. I feel a lot different when I put on clothes. Now, I can walk and not get tired easily. My leg fat has gone down and my butt shows up a lot more. I can’t keep my heals on the road because my shape shows up more. As I come out of a car young and old men are after me. That’s the only thing I can’t deal with. I started having confidence in myself. I showed Dr. Rose a photo of a dress I wore to a party which someone had posted on Facebook. Men took photos of me and sent to my phone. Even a breast lump I had went down after the procedure. I am quite all right now. Very happy!

U.F. (Kingston, Jamaica)

The best compliment was I went to a meeting and my girlfriend says “I want to look like you”.  My biggest problem is I have no clothes. They are all too big!

J.W. (Westmoreland, Jamaica)

Since my procedure, I am so happy. It’s just ridiculous. I’ve lost 2 pants sizes. I am in disbelief! I am getting compliments too.

D.V. (Kingston, Jamaica)

I’m shocked. This was unbelievable, seriously! The mesotherapy was excellent, trust me. You should see me smiling now! I feel good and this is right after my procedure. I would do it again tomorrow, and me of all persons am afraid of needles. I have to tell my friends.

D.M. (Jamaica)

Laser Body Sculpting

I have started my laser treatment on my arms and thighs since July 2014. I have done 12 treatments and everything is looking wonderful. My thighs and arms were so saggy from major weight loss and now they are looking fa-bu-lous. The staff at Derma Kare is wonderful from the cashier straight to my very special nurse. The compliments that I am receiving from friends and family gives me the encouragement to continue. Dr. Rose’s assessment and options have given me dramatic results, especially on my inner thighs.

L.M. (Kingston, Jamaica)

Stretch Marks Treatment

I was so embarrassed about my stretch marks. Didn’t feel pretty. Didn’t go to the beach for 4 ½ years. I came to Derma Kare and was inspired. I was told to have a tummy tuck because of loose skin by a surgeon. I didn’t want surgery. Dr. Rose recommended injections and laser therapy, it was so awesome. I can’t believe I’m seeing such improvement already, and it has been almost 2 months now. Even my loose skin around my navel has improved. I’m getting to love my tummy now. I never believed I’d ever think about wearing a bikini again. Thank you so much.

S.P. (Kingston, Jamaica)

Before treating my stretch marks I felt awful, didn’t feel like I could go to the beach, wear shorts or show my legs or thighs. But since doing the treatment, I’ve gained confidence and feel a whole lot better about myself, and I’ve since been to the beach.

D.H. (Portmore, Jamaica)