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Medical Grade Chemical Peels

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Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Having an in-house dermatologist makes us particularly effective at treating stubborn leg scars and dark spots. Our chemical peels have been birthed out of decades of experience with  all skin types. For the face, usually only or two peels are necessary, but for the body usually about three peels our enough to restore a person’s confidence to the point where they are comfortable to where shorts and short skirts again. We have selected, only the most effective and safe fruit acids to achieve the best results possible. This method requires sunlight avoidance for a few days afterwards.


  1. Most effective method for dark spots on legs
  2. Dramatic glow and youth enhancing effect
  3. Minimal downtime
  4. Overall texture is smoother
  5. In-house dermatologist with experience in all skin types
  6. Very effective for some types of stretch marks

Other Dermatological Procedures

Dark spots and scars are so unique and their treatment depends so much on the type of skin we are treating, that a dermatological consult is required for dark spots. When our dermatologist (who is also an artist) looks at your skin, she will determine the best most cost-effective method to remove your scars and dark spots. Often a cause must be found and eliminated and we have to do that at the same time as the treatment or we wont get lasting results. This is seen for example with mosquito bite allergies. We have to reduce your tendency to get bitten and your tendency to scar from the bites first, or we will not get lasting results.

We use many different treatments  and select the best method carefully depending on the type of scar.