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Metabolism Scanning

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Metabolism Scanning


  • Allows you to “listen in” to your body
  • Finds and corrects problems
  • Safe
  • Effortless
  • Wakes up your metabolism
  • Other health issues improve as well

If your metabolism is just not working well, and you need to figure what’s wrong then this is a method for you. Our scanning technology is able to detect and treat hormonal issues, digestive issues, hidden infections, issues that lead to bloating, and unexpected issues such as toxins or nutritional deficiencies. Once detected, the machine gently corrects all energetic imbalances found to rebalance your body and correct the issues. So in a nutshell, our machine reads the energy fields which are given off by your body, detects and corrects abnormalities, restoring balance to your metabolism and overall health. All this happens while you relax on the couch and chat with our nurse. No short or long term negative effects. Hugely beneficial and all our teammembers use this technology whenever we are out of balance, or require a health ‘tune up’.