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Microcurrent Therapy

Skin & Body Centre
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Microcurrent Therapy


  • Painless
  • Comfortable
  • Incredibly healing
  • Lifts and firms tissues
  • Provides energy for body to repair itself
  • Reduces swellings in body
  • Reduces parasites in entire body (not just gut)
  • Reduces viruses in body

One of the often overlooked factors which are extremely important in keeping you healthy is a healthy¬† level of energy in your body. If levels are low you will be sick or aging rapidly¬† if levels are normal you will be well. It’s that simple. We incorporate this as part of one or our facelifts, because your face is attached to your body and if your body is unwell then there is no way that you will have glowing youthful skin. Microcurrent therapy is a technology that is providing new cures for diseases previously thought to be incurable, and it is creating vibrant health and beauty in our clients.